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TRIMETIKA© is a 100% mexican structural system, which starts on the achievement of an international patent, got in 1986, after ten years of his original presentation, which is formed by two basic pieces: connector node and two-terminal bar.

TRIMETIKA© changes from be an structural system to be an international company named “Formula Estructural Trimetrika, S.A. de C.V.”. From this company emerge two businesses that allow to market the system: “CTK Sistemas, S.A. de C.V.” y “Sistema Plástico Estructural, S.C.”.

TRIMETIKA© is dedicated to design, calculate, fabricate, assemble and mount any type of structure, regardless the clearing, from 20.00mts. to 250.00mts. in dome diameter and 100.000 meter-long without intermediate columns, at any regular structure.

Solectron, Sao Paulo
WTC Mexico
Church - Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza


TRIMETIKA manufactures three-dimensional structures with variable modules, according to each structural project.

Designs and manufactures membrane structures for curve domes, that produce various forms, both curves, concave, convex or simply round, through special nodes that can generate any curve that marks the project and engineering.

Composite structures: Combines both schemes: three-dimensional and mixed. Many forms can be achieved in order to meet the client’s requests.


We have a design department, that in no more than 48 hours will be presenting the draft scheme to the customer with the necessary information , both three-dimensional structures, membrane or mixed , to complex solutions , various geometries tied together and coverings of any enclosure that is intended to build with TRIMETIKA system.