System characteristics

Node and Bars


TRIMETIKA© is a 100% articulated system, the bond between node and bar terminal is through the introduction of each terminal with a screw to node.

The TRIMETIKA structure is usually assembled on site, at floor level if possible. Generally, uses cranes with different capacity and various arm lengths, for easy maneuvering and installation on place.

TRIMETIKA is 100% removable and recoverable, and for temporary works or for an intended time, TRIMETIKA is the ideal system. When moment of dismantled, our company guarantees 100% of the pieces that make up the structure, pledging to restore (in appropriate) any piece not recoverable.

The material which TRIMETIKA is made from, is carbon steel with different characteristics, according to blueprints and structural memory calculation, used as raw material for 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″ nodes, nodular iron of 60,000 a 80,000 lbs/in2. These materials receive antioxidant treatments as hot-dip galvanized, made under the international standards ASTM-A 123 and ASTM-A 153; nationals as NMX-J-151 and NMX-H-4, cadmium-plated process and receives any process with compressor, baked paint or epoxy paint brush, micron specifications that mark the type of work that our system uses.

Connector Node

Connector node with 18 regular square faces and 8 triangular faces, which allows an easy connection in 26 faces (previously manufactured node).


A two-terminal bar with extreme strings, allowing an easy connection to node in different angles, previously drilled in their various positions. Always installed at 90° to node's face.

With this kind of union, three-dimensional,membrane or mixed surfaces are formed easily, to create any shape that you want: straights with angles, round domes.