What We Do

TRIMETIKA manufactures three-dimensional structures with variable modules, according to each structural project.

Designs and manufactures membrane structures for curve domes, that produce various forms, both curves, concave, convex or simply round, through special nodes that can generate any curve that marks the project and engineering.

Composite structures: Combines both schemes: three-dimensional and mixed. Many forms can be achieved in order to meet the client’s requests.

The design of each structure and the structural geometry is specially designed for every client, with special modulation of each architectural project and engineering, which will be according to the needs of each customer, to their total satisfaction.

TRIMETIKA performs coverings at:

  • Hangars
  • Auditoriums
  • Hospitals
  • Fire stations
  • Schools
  • Entry portals
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Colleges
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Airports
  • Gyms
  • Interim domes
  • Exhibition center
  • Churches
  • Exhibition playgrounds
  • Street Furniture
  • Sport villas
  • Tollboth cabs
  • Markets
  • Mines
  • Pools
  • Libraries
  • Casinos
  • Hut camp
  • Shopping Centers
  • Factories
  • Tennis domes
  • Gas stations
  • Hostels
  • Conventions center
  • Cycle-tracks
  • Bus stations
  • Hotels/ Foyers
  • Building’s courtyards
  • Iconic arcs
  • Emblematic covers
  • Car dealership
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Rooms for social events